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Shanghai Tianjia Biochemical Co.,Ltd is a professional producer of food flavourings for beverages & bakery application,the production capacity is 1000MT per year, we can provide the receipes for different finished products,the taste is very popular in the demanding market. Meanwhile,we also a main distributor of the food ingredients,pharmaceuticals,& feed products. Our products is be delivering to the global markets.  The company has a perennial team engaged in the field of provide qualified products,professional logistic service & timely marketing.We have our excellent marketing team and domestic regional channel partner for product marketing and product after sale service,a sound management programmes. Sales network throughout the worldwide markets.The mainly products we are dealing are following: Camphor,ADA,Formic Acid,Citric Acid,Ascorbic Acid,Sodium Erythorbate, Potassium Sorbate, Sorbic Acid, Sodium benzoate, STPP, SAPP, SHMP, Soy Protein Isolated, Vital Wheat Gluten, Wheat Starch, Sodium Saccharine, Acesulfame K,Aspartame, Dextrose, Taurine,Valine,Leucine,Creatine Monohydrate...

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